„Eine Frage des Stils“: Einblicke und Highlights der Kick-off-Verkostung zum neuen PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL

Jul 14, 2021

Variety, origin, climate, stylistics and marketing – essential topics covered by the single PAR® tasting dedicated to wines made of Burgundy grape varieties.

Frasdorf, July 2021 – Highly anticipated and full of excitement for top issues like wine and sensory, WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses made the new high-quality contest PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL its cornerstone. All submitted wines must be made of Burgundy grape varieties which is the core condition for the participation in the competition, and it does not matter if red, white, orange, traditionally produced or with modern style, organic or not. The application of the PAR® method made it possible to explore Pinot with all its facets in more depth. This system allows the specially trained auditors to assess each wine objectively and beyond all trends and taste standards. Their approach is documented and therefore is retraceable at any time. Winegrowers from four different countries took part in the initial tasting illustrating representative sections and stylistic spectrum of wines belonging to this big grape family.

The Highlights: Top Quality from Portugal, Austria and Germany
A look at wines with Top Gold medals gives us an idea of the wide variety brought by the Pinot family. For instance, the 2015 Chardonnay Natural from winegrowing estate Hirschmugl-Domain am Seggauberg is the white in top position produced employing controlled oxygen injection in wooden barrels and barique, decorated with 97 points. Following closely behind it, the 96 points each for the traditionally matured 2020 Pinot Blanc oak barrel from Württemberg winery Martin Schropp, as well as the 2018 Pinot Blanc – a traditionally made wooden barrel Burgundy PIWI – and, likewise, traditionally done 2018 Pinot Gris matured in a wooden barrel and barrique, both coming from estate Posch, the region of Styria in Austria.
Top Gold League in the category of reds was represented by a single winner – the 2017 Cortém Pinto Noir made at Vale de Cortém Vinhos Biológicos in the region of Lisboa, a modernly produced Pinot Noir.
Best ranking in the category of sparkling wine was reached by the 2020 Pinot Gris PetNat from wine estate Martin Schropp, an unfiltered, mainly reductively fermented Pètilant Naturel in a steel tank was decorated with 92 points, thus Gold.
The only dessert wine of the kick-off tasting earned Gold with 92 points, a 2018 Grauburgunder Auslese – Landauer Altes Löhl coming from the winery Anselnmann, Palatinate

„What is Outside and What’s Inside?“ – Notes and Summary
Precisely what the PAR® Jury usually observes during the big contests, one can see through the magnifying glass of the initial tasting of PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL: the world of wine does not offer a consensus regarding the consistent terms, thus transparent, for different wine styles. Member of the board WINE SYSTEM Brigitte Wüstinger says: „It does not matter which stylistics do I, as a winemaker, aim , whether more craftmanship related, more linked to terroir , with emphasis on the modern style or oriented to the international market, it is always a question of sales. In other words, what do I write on my label and which conclusions does my customer make out of it? For instance, does it mean that a Grauburgunder indicated as „Pinot Grigio“ is a light fruity summer wine, an ambitious Terroir wine or a voluminous Ruländer style product with 14 per cent by volume?  And the answer is: it depends. The PAR® tasting offers a great deal of insight into this matter due to the ability of sensors to allow conclusions on the character of the wine. We believe that it is a great opportunity. A clear statement about what is inside the bottle meets the needs of winemakers‘ philosophy and passion, and it also makes the purchase decision more accessible and helps to avoid disappointments.“

A grape variety that could particularly benefit from raising this awareness is called Spätburgunder or Pinot Noir, like it is called in its area of origin. Member of Board and Head of PAR® Tasting Martin Darting says: „Although now spread over nearly all winegrowing regions, the perception and appreciation of this grape type is often completely different from area to the region: a fascinating grape with maximum terroir potential or a bright, light, down-to-earth red. The result is entirely different, price structuring too. We, as an organisation for high-quality international competitions, are concerned with examining the question of stylistics, thus contributing to establishing of the transparent communication in the world of wine.“

Differentiated assessment, even if it gets tricky
The analytical and documental approach of the PAR® system allows the objective assessment of the diversity during the contest of this kind beyond the simple comparative tests. Each submitted wine receives transparent documentation of its sensory characteristics and enological features assessed regarding origin, climate, style and marketability.  By this means, a reductively made fruity white wine with modern stylistics obtains the same objective evaluation and appreciation as classically crafted terroir wine or an original Orange.

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Background information:

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