1. PiGundy Wine Award International

New PAR®-Contest with a maxim that have stood the test of time: transparency, comprehensibilty and practical benefits for the producers and professionals

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Debut in June 2021:

1. PiGundy Wine Award International

PiGundy Wine Award International is dedicated to all Pinot grape varieties

Following the EU Regulation on PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) dated 2009, as well as the scientific knowledge regarding the characterisation of wine and definition of quality, the tasting during all PAR® contests takes place primarily concerning the terroir and origin, rather than in relation to the varieties or ascending sugar and alcohol content.

„Along with our primary mission that is the transparent assessment of the quality of the submitted wines, we, as PAR®-Jury, focus our particular attention on the style of maturation. One example to illustrate the difference could be the comparison between the Venetian Pinot Grigio and Baden Grauburgunder. Two wines that are entirely different in its sensory features, and yet from the same grape variety. The differentiation in the assessment process is crucial for sufficiently valid conclusions drawn by the wine-makers for their quality management.“
Martin Darting

Head of tasting, WINE System AG


Registration deadline:
June 14, 2021

Wine submission deadline:
by June 18, 2021

from the 26th till the 27th of June 2021

Operating in teams of two persons, the Jury that consists of PAR® Certified Masters assesses each nominee individually and as a part of a team. Whether a stylistically modern fruity white wine, classically crafted terroir wine or original Orange, each wine receives transparent documentation of its sensory characteristics assessed in respect of origin, climate and style.

Besides marketing benefits brought by this competition, many wine-growers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR®-assessment. They precisely show which criteria have led to matching results and provide a practical manual for quality management. The PAR® datasheet identifies the criteria where there is potential for improvement of wine.  With this knowledge, wine-makers can take appropriate measures for the next vintage themselves or obtain expert consulting service.

*) Source: “Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where” – Kym Anderson & Signe Nelge, Wine Economics Research Centre der Universität Adelaide