Variety, origin, climate, stylistics and marketing – essential topics covered by the single PAR® tasting dedicated to wines made of Burgundy grape varieties.

Frasdorf, July 2021 – Highly anticipated and full of excitement for top issues like wine and sensory, WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses made the new high-quality contest PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL its cornerstone. All submitted wines must be made of Burgundy grape varieties which is the core condition for the participation in the competition, and it does not matter if red, white, orange, traditionally produced or with modern style, organic or not. The application of the PAR® method made it possible to explore Pinot with all its facets in more depth. This system allows the specially trained auditors to assess each wine objectively and beyond all trends and taste standards. Their approach is documented and therefore is retraceable at any time. Winegrowers from four different countries took part in the initial tasting illustrating representative sections and stylistic spectrum of wines belonging to this big grape family.

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